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My wife Mandy, Daughter Venice, Son Paulie, and me, Steve - my family is the reason I do what I do everyday and the driving force behind MVPS!

MVPS Services is a family business in business to serve your family!

MVPS Plumbing & Mechanical Services is a local family-owned and operated business that offers top-notch customer service and reliable, professional expertise to get the job done right and in-budget!


I’m Steve D’Amico Jr., a 4th generation Master Plumber who’s lived and worked in the South Jersey community for over 25 years! Through my extensive training and experience and by staying up-to-date on all the latest industry developments, I’m happy to say I can solve any plumbing issue around your home or business.


My dad Steve Sr. taught me all I know about plumbing, customer service, and most importantly family, which is why when I started my business in July 2021 I wanted to keep family at the heart of what we do. MVPS is your Most Valuable Plumbing Service, but it’s also the initials of my family and I: Mandy my Wife, Venice my Daughter, Paulie my Son, and me, Steve!


Plumbing work can be confusing, especially in a high-stress emergency situation like a burst pipe or a broken water heater. It’s easy to call the first business on Google to fix the issue, but those chain-business services are way over-priced and 9 times out of 10 are typically a quick problem-patch versus a long-term solution.


The others lack what MVPS was built on: family and a personal touch. I carefully listen to what every customer needs and then find the most effective way to get the job done. And for you, that means huge savings and a worry-free plumbing guarantee both now and in the future - I always check in after every job to ensure total satisfaction! The best part about what I do every day and what I love the most is making people happy.

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